LAN 42
LAN 42 – The Meaning of LAN (2014)

SLUGSoc is the University of Sheffield’s Gaming Society. To put it simply, we play computer games, together!

We aim to provide at least two LAN events per semester, with attendance ranging from between 40 and 80 people. At these events we supply all the networking equipment and extension cables for local multiplayer fun, so all you really need to bring is your PC, Laptop or Console. A wide variety of games are played at these events, with Counter-Strike:Source, Unreal Tournament and Team Fortress 2 being firm favourites. If there’s a game you wish to play at an event, just chirp up when you’re there and usually someone else will have it and want to join in!

We also organise weekly console socials, combining split-screen gaming fun with traditional bar-based antics. Each week will have a different game as the main attraction, with a tournament being run and prize for the winner! After that members are free to play whatever else has been brought along with the console of the night, or socialise with other society members over drinks.


How to Join!

University of Sheffield Students?

Attend the University’s Activities Fair or any of our LAN events, and register a card with us using your name and email address. Pay the £3 membership fee, and you’re in!

Non-University of Sheffield Students?

People seeking to join the society from outside the university need to become an Associate Member of the Students’ Union, by going to the Welcome Desk in the Students’ Union to complete a form.

What You Get!

By becoming a member of our society this year you get the following benefits:

1. A membership card with a unique member number!

2. Entry to our LAN gaming events! Note that you still need a LAN pass if you wish to bring a computer along to these events.

3. Discounted drinks at our social sponsor, FirePit Rocks!

Getting Involved!

Once you’ve signed up, the best way to become involved in the society is to join one of our many Community Groups, where you’ll get the latest information about upcoming events and other society activities.