Committee 2014/15


From left to right:

Ned, Chris, Mark, Laura, Stephan, Jordan (picture), David, Colm, Hugo, Dale, George, Ashley


Name: Jordan
Alias: McFluffington
Year Joined: 2013
Course: BSc Maths and Computer Science
Responsibilies: Ensuring stuff gets done. Meeting with people outside the society. Chairing meetings. Being the third face of the society (behind Ainsley and Kappa)
Mainly Plays: LoL (badly), Smash Bros (also badly), Mario Kart (better) and Rio (best)
All-Time Favourites: Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Halo 3
Likes: Tennis, the Cold, Cheesy Pop, Long walks in the Country
Dislikes: Mornings, Web Design


Name: Dale
Alias: Lightningblade12 / Valkyrian
Year Joined: 2013
Course: Maths
Responsibilities: Basically organisation, and making sure everything is running smoothly
Mainly Plays: LoL, Civilisation V, Awesomenauts, L4D2, Hearthstone
All-Time Favourites: Final Fantasy, Arkham Asylum, Civilisation
Likes: Anime, Swimming, Food, Sleeping
Dislikes: Waking up, Work


Name: Laura
Alias: Lauriestar
Year Joined: 2012
Course: Chemistry
Responsibilities: Keeping track of funds, signing off purchases and collecting membership fees
Mainly Plays: LoL, Hearthstone
All-Time Favourites: Pokémon, Mario games, Starcraft II
Likes: Plants, Takeaways, Pictures of Cats, Stargate SG1
Dislikes: Spiders, Being Cold

Inclusions Officer

Name: David
Alias: Raine
Year Joined: 2013
Course: Computer Science
Resposibilties: I’m in charge of making sure everyone feels welcome! Feel free to talk to me about anything that might be bothering you in the society.
Mainly Plays: Dota, Hearthstone, Smash Bros
All-Time Favourites: Smash Bros
Likes: Games, Anime, Drumming
Dislikes: Responsibilty

Social Officer

Name: Ashley
Alias: Bigtash
Year Joined: 2013
Course: BA (Honours) Accounting and Finance
Responsibilities: Organising and running the best socials ever! Keeping Lava Lounge happy
Mainly Plays: LoL, OSU!, Civilization 5
All-Time Favourites: Crash Bandicoot series, TimeSplitters 2
Likes: Chilling, Grants and Chicken
Dislikes: Work and Alarms

Publicity Officer

Name: Ned
Alias: RealOnion
Year Joined: 2014
Course: International Relations and Politics
Responsibilities: Organizing/publicizing LANs. Making pretty posters. Spending too much time on facebook.
Mainly Plays: LoL, Civ5, Age of empires
All-Time Favorites: Elder Scrolls: III, IV, V. Half life 2, Halo, Halo 2, Rayman 2. Unreal Tournament 2004, WoW
Likes: Deep house, techno, anime, fast internet, sleep, games with player housing
Dislikes: Unpredictable weather

Console Officer

Name: Chris
Alias: Zodius
Year Joined: 2012
Course: PhD Robotics
Responsibilities: Organise the console entertainment at Socials and LANs. Taking ALL the photos
Mainly Plays: Kerbal Space Program, Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance, Sonic Racing Transformed
All-Time Favourites: Unreal Gold, Total Annihilation
Likes: Dance Music, Electronics and 3D Printers
Dislikes: Writing Papers

eSports Officer

Name: George
Alias: George Bot
Year Joined: 2013
Course: 4th Year Masters in Maths
Responsibilities: Setting up teams and tournaments for competitive play
Mainly Plays: LoL, Age of Empires
All-Time Favourites: Runescape ofcourse…
Likes: Football, Sleeping
Dislikes: Cauliflower (srsly who eats that s**t!?)

Food Officer

Name: Colm
Alias: ColDor
Year Joined: 2012
Course: Chemistry
Responsibilities: Ordering pizza. Manning and stocking the tuck shop
Mainly Plays: League of Legends, Smite, Awesomenauts, Smash Bros
All-Time Favourites: Melee
Likes: Sleep
Dislikes: Writing Dislikes

Head Tech

Name: Stephan
Alias: Red
Year Joined: 2013
Course: BSc Computer Science
Responsibilities: Tech, Tech Team and LAN Equipment
Mainly Plays: Payday 2, L4D2, Firefall
All-Time Favourites: Unreal Tournament: GOTYE
Likes: Diving, Rockets and Programming
Dislikes: Mornings, N00bs and Programming

Assistant Tech

Name: Mark
Alias: Kanman66
Year Joined: 2013
Course: MPhys Theoretical Physics
Responsibilities: Helping out with set up and tech problems during LANs
Mainly Plays: Payday 2, Battlefield 4, L4D2
All-Time Favourites: Timesplitters Future Perfect, Star Wars Battlefront 2, Halo 3
Likes: Building things, Programming
Dislikes: Slow internet, Sleep, Lab reports

Assistant Tech

Name: Hugo
Alias: Choptimus
Year Joined: 2012
Course: Computer Science
Responsibilities: Helping Stephan help you fix problems so you can play video games
Mainly Plays: Wildstar, CS:GO, Hearthstone, LoL
All-Time Favourites: Half Life 2, Portal (1), STALKER
Likes: LANs, Food, Alcohol, Arsenal (not necessarily in that order)
Dislikes: Any time before 10am, Tottenham

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