Committee 2018/19

Role Committee Member About
President Jamie Duguid Annoytanor Hey-o, I’m Jamie! I’m a third year computer scientist and I joined this society in my first year, I’ve really enjoyed my time in SLUGs so far so I decided to run for president to give back! I’ve previously been a social sec at boardsoc and technically a treasurer for comicsoc. I enjoy FPS games mainly so I play; Overwatch, Battlefield 1 and 4, PUBG and I’ve recently been getting into War Thunder so feel free to give me a holler if you want to play together!
Treasurer James “Jimmez” Moore Aterfax Currently doing a PhD at the Uni, previously done most of the roles from tech to sec. Being the money boss for this year, so if you have ideas for how to make or spend money for the society’s benefit, give me a bell. You’ll see me at LANs and socials with the money box. Mainly play FPS, RTS or Star Wars / Mil themed games.
Social Secretary Marine Redon SkywardWind Hi, I’m Marine and I’m SLUGSoc’s Social Secretary. I plan out our various events, and organise weekly socials with the console officer. If you want to do anything with the society, talk to me! I play Zelda, Overwatch, Hearthstone, and obscure point & click games. I work in marketing at an online video game retailer, and I like things to be organised and pretty.
Secretary Ashleigh Davey Verglas/El Gingerino Hi, I’m Ash and I’m the Secretary for SLUGS. My job is to deal with all the correspondence for the society and all the admin stuff. I mainly play open-world adventure games (the Witcher 3 is my jam) or smaller indie games like The Binding of Isaac. I study Biochemistry and Genetics at UoS so if you need help with your biology homework or want to play some Don’t Starve then send me a message!
Console Officer Ashlee Kirkendall
Esports Officer Phil Degen PDeegz
Food Officer Charlie Belfield
Publicity Officer Colm Dorrian
Inclusions Officer Laura Norfolk Lauriestar
Senior Tech Officer Eric Cheok Chintam
Senior Tech Officer Greg Chip Bunker Gregregorovich
Tech Officer Rebecca Fuidge
Tech Officer Thomas Rudd Credible Threat
Tech Officer Frederic Smythe RaptureAwaits