Committee 2019/20

The SLUGSoc committee are the folks behind your favourite Sheffield University gaming collective. Each member plays an important part in making the society function, managing every aspect of what we do here in Sheffield.

All members of committee are happy to help with any questions you may have, and have been included in the table below alongside a description of their role, so you have a better idea of who to contact.

There are three effective ways to get in contact with a member of committee:
  • Message our Facebook page and a member of committee will reply to you shortly.
  • Join our Discord server and mention the @committee role or the specific member of committee you wish to speak to.
  • Find us in person at any of our events. Committee members will be wearing lanyards with their name and role on display.
This could be you! | Your alias could be here!
We’re holding an EGM for a new president on September 23rd. Get in touch!
Ben Massey-Leahy | Shm
I answer emails, take minutes and probably do other stuff. Starcraft is the best game ever created.
Richard Gilder | Reginald Wow
Bio coming soon(tm)
Inclusions Officer
Beth Schoss | TinyFever
Bio coming soon(tm)
Social Secretary
Andrew Coulter | snoopy213
Bio coming soon(tm)
Colm Joseph Dorrian | CJD
I make the pretty pictures and send newsletters, alongside some other bits. Hero is all skill trust me, Ganon needs a buff, and Final Destination is awful.
Console Officer
Ashley Hicks | Moles Holes
Bio coming soon(tm)
Esports Officer
Charlie Belfield | Belf
Bio coming soon(tm)
Food Officer
Kyle Hicks | Foodman
Bio coming soon(tm)
Senior Technical Officer
Frederic Smythe | RaptureAwaits
3rd year pure Mathematics student who has inexplicably wound up doing computer things. I am the one who tells the technology what to do, and sometimes it listens.
Technical Officer
Jack Barradell | Jirbj
Bio coming soon(tm)
Technical Officer
Fred Sonnenwald | Guru3
Bio coming soon(tm)
Technical Officer
Matthew Spears | AtlasGryphon
Bio coming soon(tm)
Technical Officer
Sam Williamson | Shipreck
Bio coming soon(tm)