Committee 2020/21

The SLUGSoc committee are the folks behind your favourite Sheffield University gaming collective. Each member plays an important part in making the society function, managing every aspect of what we do here in Sheffield.

All members of committee are happy to help with any questions you may have, and have been included in the table below alongside a description of their role, so you have a better idea of who to contact.

There are three effective ways to get in contact with a member of committee:
  • Message our Facebook page and a member of committee will reply to you shortly.
  • Join our Discord server and mention the @committee role or the specific member of committee you wish to speak to.
  • Find us in person at any of our events. Committee members will be wearing lanyards with their name and role on display.
Richard Gilder | Reginald Wow
As the figurehead of your video games society I lead and oversee the work of our SLUGS team! I’m here to ensure that SLUGS is valued by its members as an effective, responsive and accountable society. I also chair the committee meetings and help our team come to final decisions that shape the way your society is run. Please let me know if you have any questions, I am keen to help.
Beth Nutbrown | Littlepebbles
Hi! My name is Beth [LittlePebbles] and I am a part-time PhD student in Sociological Studies. I have loved being a part of the society so far, and I am excited to be our new secretary. Video game communities are at the heart of my PhD research as I am passionate about the opportunities that video games can provide to people. Therefore, as secretary, I intend to ensure the smooth and successful running of the society. I am looking forward to ensuring that the society caters to current trends in gaming, and providing a range of opportunities for people to get involved in the society – from weekly socials and online socials, to LANs, a better recognition of console gaming, eSports, and viewing parties, etc. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with any questions!
Sam Williamson | Sam
Bio coming soon…
Inclusions Officer
Haydn Ford | Ninjad
2nd Year Health and Human Science Student. I play a lot of different video games so will be able to help new and old members fit in with the everyone. My aim for the year is to just help the society to run smoothly and solve issues between members as/when/and if they come up.
Social Secretary
Daniel Robson | Danr2000
Hi guys! My name is Dan and I’m a first year Chemical Engineering student. Gaming has been a huge part of most of my life and I am so happy that SLUGS has enabled me to have so much fun and make so many more friends at the weekly socials. As your Social Secretary, I intend to not only ensure that the weekly socials are even better than before, but also provide many more non-alcohol related social events (such as laser tag) as I realise that not everyone likes to drink. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or requests for future socials.
Abbie Rivett | Gremlin
Bio coming soon…
Console Officer
Louis Bex | Louiebee
Greetings and salutations, my name is Louis. My job in SLUGS pertains to the console games presented at our society. As something of a retro gamer, I own a lot of different machines: Playstations, Dreamcasts, Nintendo 64s, you name it. My hope for consoles is to have people interact more in local multiplayer. I want to give people the chance to play and enjoy the older machines, and the games on them too, whether it is playing a weird and wonderful classic like WarioWare or a curio like Windjammers. That said, suggestions and recommendations are always welcome so please do let us know if there is anything specific you want us to play at our events!
Esports Officer
Justyn Adams-Pattison | Jdap
Greetings! I am Justyn, 3rd Year Aerospace Student and overseer of all things eSports within the society. This ranges from advertising student tournaments hosted by the NUEL and NSE to setting up viewing parties for the biggest eSport events of the year. Contact me if you want introducing to more competitive players or have an idea for future events.
Food Officer
R.O.N. | slugsnet
This lovable sentient robot friend is also here.
Head Tech
Frederic Smythe | RaptureAwaits
Responsible for this page’s incompleteness.
Technical Officer
Fred Sonnenwald | Guru3
Tech does tech.
Technical Officer
Charlie Belfield | Belf
Tech does tech.