Community Groups

Check out our social media pages to stay up-to-date on upcoming events and other activities.

Facebook Page: SLUGSoc
Twitter: @SLUGSoc
Instagram: SLUGSoc

Discord server

To see what games people are playing and to join voice chats, our discord server is always active. Make sure to follow the instructions:

Join our Discord server!

Facebook Groups

The best way to be involved in the SLUGSoc community is to join our General Chat group on Facebook. This is where members can discuss anything gaming or society related, as well as be notified of upcoming social events:

SLUGSoc Facebook General Chat →

We also have Facebook groups for a variety of other topics and popular games:

SLUGSoc Official Facebook Group →

If you are a player of these sorts of games and would like to join a team to represent University of Sheffield, feel free to post your interest in the above groups, on the Discord #nuel channel, or get in touch with our eSports Officer.


We have a Steam group! If you join us you will be able to see what other SLUGSoc members are playing and join them:

SLUGSoc Steam Community →