What is a Console Social?

Guitar Hero Social (2018)

For those wanting a regular gaming experience, we organise weekly console-based socials throughout the year. As the name suggests, these events combine the usual social experience of eating and drinking, with competitive split-screen multiplayer!

Each week we meet up on Tuesday evenings for food, drink and general banter. This is often a good time to get in some handheld console gaming. We then proceed to our sponsor’s bar, where we hook a console up to their large TV and play local multiplayer games. Some socials have a tournament run for one of the games, with a prize on offer for the winner! In addition we do special events throughout the year like themed bar-crawls, guitar hero tournaments, and even laser tag!

These socials are a great way to make new friends with a passion for gaming, and the mix of social and console play makes the nights fun for both drinkers and non-drinkers.

To see more of what our socials are like, check out our Photo Gallery.