Do you want to help run SLUGS? Here’s your chance!

Roles to fill:

  • President*
  • Secretary*
  • Treasurer*
  • Inclusions*
  • Publicity Officer
  • Social Secretary
  • Console Officer
  • eSports Officer
  • Food Officer
  • Assistant Tech (x4)

*The first four roles are mandatory for the society to exist, and require to be a student. The other ones can be occupied by anyone committed as long as you’re an affiliate of the Union.

Learn about our committee roles here:

To submit your application for a role, email us a short manifesto in the 50-250 words range, to: [email protected] with ‘AGM (your role)’ in the subject line. Describe why you would like to nominate yourself, why you would be a good fit, and your ideas for the society (if any).

The deadline for submissions is 5pm, Wednesday 27 March.

Everyone is welcome and encouraged to nominate themselves! If you’re not sure of yourself, don’t hesitate to have a chat with one of our committee members, we’ll be happy to help.

On the day of the election, we’ll ask of each candidate to do a small speech to present themselves and their ideas. If you cannot attend the AGM, we will also accept video submissions to be played at the event. If you want to vote however, you’ll need to attend!

The AGM takes place on 30 March between 3 – 4:45pm in Raynor Lounge, Bar One.

Join the event here.

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