Arrival Details

Prior to the event:

Everyone who attends a SLUGS LAN is required to have paid for a SLUGS membership (Can be paid in person when arriving at the LAN) and to have bought a pass online via our Union event page.

To save time and avoid disappointment upon arrival please make sure you have bought your pass. If you have not done so you may be turned away if passes are sold out.

Prior to the event you will receive a voucher code to access the internet if you have bought your pass (Vouchers are normally e-mailed out the night before/on the day of the event. If you buy your pass a few hours before/during the event you may not receive this e-mail, so please ask a member of the Tech Team for your code upon arrival).

Where is the event:


At the event:

When you arrive find an available spot and set up your equipment. Once set up, try to navigate to any HTTP webpage and you will be redirected to our captive portal (HTTPS requests will not be redirected to the portal). If you are given a privacy error then accept it to complete the redirect.

Once on the portal page enter your online nickname and the voucher code that was e-mailed to the address you provided when buying your pass (If you have not received your voucher code please ask a member of the Tech Team to retrieve it for you) and you should then be redirected to our website. Try connecting to a HTTPS web page to confirm that you have been allowed internet access.

Once connected, start playing some games!

If you are having issues connecting then ask one of our Tech Team members for assistance (Check our Current Committee page for their details).