Internet Acceptable Use Policy

The University of Sheffield provides Internet access to these events and our PCs and have their own IT Code of Practice which must be followed by all members of the university.

There are however a few additional specific regulations that members as events must follow. Particularly as at events users share one Internet connection. The primary purpose of this connection is to enable gaming, not downloading at high speed! To ensure the primary intention of our internet access everybody must adhere to this Acceptable Use Policy. With this, the rules of accepted internet usage are outlined below. Exceptions can be made after contacting the committee.

The following activities are allowed during a LAN:

  • Accessing the Internet for gaming, general surfing and possibly watching

  • Downloading of legal items only. When you register, details are taken and any illicit activities can be traced back to you as logs are kept.

Certain activites are prohibited under most circumstances:

  • Use of torrent programs without appropriate reasons: Downloading your favorite TV Shows or any illegal or copyright material will result in at best a ban from the internet if not from any further SLUGSoc events and reporting to the University IT Department.

  • We understand you will likely need to download certain games, software or operating systems.

The following activities are expressly forbidden:

  • All illegal music, video, and application downloads.

  • Large unnecessary downloads.

  • Truly excessive video and music streaming from sites like

  • Inappropriate Internet browsing and streaming (pornography, racially insensitive sites, etc).

  • Communicating with racially-, sexually- or general harassing behaviour.

  • Any attempts to bypass network security or to change network infrastructure.

  • Any attempts to hack network traffic, other members PC’s even for a joke. e.g. ARP Spoofing / MITM attacks.

  • Using proxies or VPNs to anonymise traffic is not acceptable to hide other violations.

Other Clauses:

  • You agree to your connection being monitored and logged.

  • Shel kek nem ron.

  • You agree to have a good time.

  • You agree to troll Greg.


When frequent violations against this policy are detected, the committee has the right to disconnect single computers without notice from the network. Flagrent or illegal violations of policy will result in an instant ban and possibly police involvement.

For further questions or clarifications please contact the committee at the LAN or via email.

Thanks for your understanding, SLUGSoc Committee / Tech Team.