LAN Rules



  • Getting to and from the LAN safely is the attendee’s responsibility.


  • Attendees are expected to bring their own equipment i.e. PCs, gaming consoles.
  • At the LAN you will be provided with 2 power sockets (typically one for your PC/Console and one for a display) and 1 Ethernet cable (per pass purchase), so don’t bring more than what can be accommodated (Do not bring extension leads as our power network is carefully worked out to not damage wiring or cause power trips).
  • The society bears no responsibility for any damaged, lost or stolen equipment but we will do our best to prevent this.
  • Any equipment that causes concern for safety or welfare of members is prohibited. We do still have a sense of humour however.
  • Dank Memes


  • When you first arrive at the LAN you must sign in fully via our gateway with your voucher code and check in via a committee member.
  • By purchasing a pass or attending our events you consent to us taking promotional pictures. If you do not wish to be in these pictures please ask the photographer to exclude you from photos but please be reasonable if they ask you to move for larger shots of the event.

At the LAN

Need Help?

  • If you have an issue at any time, ask the committee. We run the event!
  • If you have any concerns or queries find a committee member or an experienced member for assistance.

Do nots:

Do not engage in any prohibited actions, as detailed in the AUP or below:

  • Do not do anything illegal.
  • Do not modify the power or network distribution layout. Only use two power sockets from a SLUGSoc powerstrip.
  • Do not use any equipment you do not own without permission.
  • Do not leave open top liquid containers on a desk near electrical equipment.
  • Do not act irresponsibly or anti-socially.


  • If you injure yourself at the LAN you must tell a committee member.
  • If you have a serious allergy or medical condition, please make the committee aware beforehand.
  • Please observe the emergency exits and corridors and do not block them.
  • Ensure you check in and out of the building with the committee / registration RFID scanner in case of fire.

End of the LAN

Clean Up

  • Please leave the LAN in a reasonably tidy state. This includes discarding any rubbish you may have accumulated, and returning any plates/cutlery back to the downstairs bar if you have ordered from them.
  • Double check that you have all your gear with you when you leave the event.