VaLANtine Hearts - LAN 75 at Endcliffe Vale Road, Sheffield, S10 3, United Kingdom

February 15, 2019 21:00 - February 17, 2019 18:00

It's the first LAN of the semester, and we've got some news for you!

- Normal LAN hours: Now that we're definitely sticking with the Edge, we're able to make proper bookings. Which means LANs this semester will start at 9pm on Friday and end at 6pm on Sunday, like they used to do.

- A seating chart: You want to sit with friends but you can't make it for the opening time? Don't worry! You can now reserve a seat in advance. Simply use this Google Sheet:
Choose a seat, and enter your name in the table on the Bookings sheet. You will need your order number, given by the Union when you buy your LAN ticket. Please note that we reserve the right to refuse reservations if you do not follow this rule (this is to ensure people only reserve seats when buying a ticket).

- The LAN schedule is back: We know it's been difficult to organise games and play with other people at LANs. So, to get things going, we're reinstating a proper schedule. It will be posted closer to the event, but you can expect regular tournaments, casual games, board/card games, and more.

- A taskmaster competition: You might have heard of the British show of the same name. You all will be offered a list of tasks, and completing them will give you a certain amount of points. By the end of the LAN, the person with the most points wins a Steam voucher. Simple, right? Wait until you see the tasks...

- Early bird tickets: As there wasn't much incentive to buy a ticket in advance until now, we've decided to reward early birds: if you buy your ticket in the next two days (until Wednesday 30th 11:59pm), you'll get a £1 voucher for the tuck shop!

We might even have some more surprises... Keep an eye on this event to get updates!

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