SLUGSoc' Freshers LAN

SLUGSoc' Freshers LAN

SLUGSoc' Freshers LAN

Get hyped for our first LAN of the year! Expect fun, large multi-player games, tournaments with prizes, big-screen console gaming, late night board games, a pub quiz and super awesome Internet!

Please do not bring extension leads as our power network is very carefully worked out so that we don't short out the Edge/cause a fire! We provide everyone with two power sockets (one for a monitor and one for a PC/console) so you shouldn't need one.

To bring a computer along to this event you need to purchase a LAN pass from our Union event page link at the top of this event page.
/!\ Tickets will go on sale on the 21st September! /!\

-- This is a Sheffield Students' Union event. You need to be a student or associate member of the Union and a member of SLUGSoc to attend.--

Info on associate membership can be found at:


LAN Pass Prices (grant access to our network/power):

£4.00 for the Full Weekend or
£1.00 for Friday* or
£2.50 for Saturday** or
£1.00 for Sunday***

*starts at 9pm on Friday and ends at 7am on Saturday
**starts at 7am on Saturday and ends at 7am on Sunday
***starts at 7am on Sunday and ends when the event closes at 6pm

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