Event Description

This event will be slightly different than past events.

This LAN is split into 2 sessions.

– Saturday 8:30 – 23:30
– Sunday 8:30 – 18:30

There will be no sleeping room so if you are from out of town you need to have a place to go overnight

I know this is not what some people were hoping for but we had no other choice due to circomstances out of our control. We’re working hard trying to get to an agreement that will allow us to hold the next one as in the past but no guarentees.


Saturday 11th – Sunday 12nd October
The Ridge, Ranmoor Student Village
DOORS OPEN at 8:30AM on Saturday

£4 for the full LAN,
£2.50 for Saturday or
£2 for Sunday.

You MUST purchase a ticket via TicketSOC at

** This is a Sheffield Students’ Union event, you need to be a student or affiliate member of the Union and a member of SLUGSoc.**

Right that is the boring information out the way…

****************What to expect?****************


Doors open at 8:30 am Saturday (Please do not arrive earlier than that!)

Bring your ticketsoc email information so we can sign you in

You must be a member of the society, if you are not already you can become one at the LAN

You can organise Taxi sharing to get to Ranmoor Student Village, more information will be posted about this on the events page.

Kustom PC free deliveries ware a possibility this year again! Again this will be discussed on the event page which will be updated regularly.




All your cables to make your gear work

1 multi-plug power extension lead


Money for pizza and tuck shop food

Headphones/microphone (NO SPEAKERS)


Game face.

Games installed (there is nothing worse than waiting to download/install games whilst others are playing!)


Fun and stuff

Half of a 2m table to sit at

Super awesome internet

Big multiplayer games

Committee members keeping an eye out for your stuff! (we have yet to have anyone lose anything, get to know your neighbours too!)


League, Dota, Starcraft


Unreal Tournament (we have a copy)

Left 4 Dead 1 & 2

Team Fortress 2 (PROP HUNT!!11one)

Battlefield 4/3

Counter Strike Source

Age of Empires 2 (needs more Age of Empires 3!)

CIV V (Let’s TRY and finish a game this time?)


and lots more!

– To arrange taxi sharing with you fellow gamer:
create a thread here
Or Holla on facebook!

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