SLUGSoc EGM: A New President

Hey everyone, our president Thomas Rudd has stepped down due to graduating . So we’re looking for a new committee member to step up and fill his shoes!

As president, you’re the face and figurehead of the society, making important calls and wrangling the committee during meetings. You decide the course of the society, but you’re not in it alone.

If you would like to apply please send us an email detailing why you’d be a good fit. This statement will be handed out during the EGM where a new officer will be voted for. (Send to: [email protected] subject: EGM)

Thomas will still be around a bit to do a handover and there are plenty of experienced committee members around to help you if you choose to run for the role.

The EGM will be on Monday, 23rd September at 2PM in Gallery Room 2 at the Student’s Union.

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