Saturday 29th September!
Room Octagon Meeting Rooms 2 and 3, The Octagon, Sheffield University

9 am to 10 pm

If you are a member already this LAN is a Give it a Go LAN so it is ticketed and open to the general public (students), please use the events here to sign up for the reserved tickets for members.

If you do not make the reserved tickets list (15 available), you can still pick them up from the Box office in the students’ union and here:

Normal Kit Required:
– Bring your own gear. This means: Laptop or Screen & Tower, a power block to run screen & tower combo, money for pizza (£5+), a headset. Extra hard drives are always a bonus.

– Click this if you don’t know what a LAN is, and info on what to expect.

Members £2.50, non-members £2.50 (£1 extra to upgrade for membership.)

Games we usually play (this can change easily change on a whim to the room’s preference):
Unreal Tournament 2004
Left 4 Dead 1 and 2
Battlefield 3, 2 & 2142
Bad Company 2
Counter Strike: Source
Super Monday Night Combat
Team Fortress 2
Starcraft 2
Trackmania Nations

Age of Empires – All of them.

League of Legends

SLUGS own copies of games which anyone is welcome to use at the LAN, a list is available here. All of the rest you can obtain at the LAN.

– To arrange taxi sharing with you fellow gamer:create a thread here

Stating in the title of the thread ‘SLUGS LAN Number XX ‘ and the area you live in where you will take the taxi from.

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