LAN 39

Please note this is a Sheffield Union event and you must be a member (public still welcome, see the bottom of this page link!) of the Sheffield Union of Students and SLUGS.

Please note that registration via EventBrite constitutes a reservation only. Bought tickets take priority and reservations are dealt with in order.

A full weekend LAN at the Ridge, Ranmoor!

The dates and times are now confirmed. 11:00 am Saturday until 8:00 pm Sunday.

£3 for the full LAN

£1.50 for just Saturday.

Free Entry for Students who can produce a current Endcliffe, Ranmoor or City Communities card.

Payments will be taken at the event as per Union regulations:

We will be trialling the new QR code system to speed up registration / prevent the unlikely event of any equipment going missing.

Please ensure you bring your QR code on your phone or a bit of paper and keep it handy when entering or leaving.

What to expect?

* Big Screen Gaming
* A place to sleep in a room separate to the main room (dark and quiet.)

*************The Basics*************

************What to bring!**********
– SLEEPING STUFF (Sleeping bag/mat)
– Your PC / Console
– Monitor
– VGA / DVI / HDMI leads
– Keyboard
– Mouse
– Mousemat
– Headphones
– Power cables for PC / Console & Monitor

Click this if you don’t know what a LAN is, and info on what to expect.

We have Slugs copies of some games so people can play without owning the game themselves.

– To arrange taxi sharing with you fellow gamer:
create a thread here
Stating in the title of the thread ‘SLUGS LAN Number XX ‘ and the area you live in where you will take the taxi from.

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