Our Committee



Annoytanor annoytanor#4668 Annoytanor#2471

I'm Jamie and I'm the president of the society. I study Computer Science and play lots of games including Battlefield, Overwatch, Minecraft and Stellaris. As president it's my job to make sure that the committee are doing their jobs and the society is working well. I'm usually around, so add me and message me on Facebook if you want to talk.


Inclusions Officer

Lauriestar Laura#7175 Lauriestar

Hey, I’m Laura! I’m the Inclusions Officer for SLUGSoc, so my goal is to make sure everyone feels welcome in the society. If you feel nervous showing up to your first event, feel free to contact me through FB or university e-mail, and I’ll be happy to introduce you to everyone! I’m currently a PhD student, and my favourite games are anything Nintendo, Stardew Valley, and some Overwatch/League of Legends thrown in. If you ever want someone to play games with, or just to have a chat, feel free to message me anytime.



Aterfax Aterfax#0661

Currently doing a PhD at the Uni, previously done most of the roles from tech to sec. Being the money boss for this year, so if you have ideas for how to make or spend money for the society's benefit, give me a bell. You'll see me at LANs and socials with the money box. Mainly play FPS, RTS or Star Wars / Mil themed games.


Social Secretary

SkywardWind SkywardWind#9684

Hi, I'm Marine and I'm SLUGSoc's Social Secretary. I plan out our various events, and organise weekly socials with the console officer. If you want to do anything with the society, talk to me! I play Zelda, Overwatch, Hearthstone, and obscure point & click games. I work in marketing at an online video game retailer, and I like things to be organised and pretty.


Publicity Officer

Colm replaces Bobby as our new Publicity Officer. He'll be making all manner of assets for the society to show at LANs and other events! Stay tuned for a full bio.

Verglas/El Gingerino



Hi, I'm Ash and I'm the Secretary for SLUGS. My job is to deal with all the correspondence for the society and all the admin stuff. I mainly play open-world adventure games (The Witcher 3 is my jam) or smaller indie games like The Binding of Isaac. I study Biochemistry and Genetics at UoS so if you need help with your biology homework or want to play some Don't Starve then send me a message!


Esports Officer

PDeegz#3764 PDeegz#2393

Hi, I’m Phil! As esports officer I’m responsible for handling all tasks related to esports, such as making sure competitions such as NUEL and others go smoothly, arranging ways for people to engage with esports such as viewing parties, and generally increasing awareness of what’s going on in the esports world. I play, well… mainly just Hearthstone, where I go by PDeegz, but I follow pretty much every esport to at least some degree. I’m nearly always around, so feel free to come talk to me about esports or anything else.


Tech Officer

Kotorious B.R.D. Kotori#2945 SLUGS☆ことり UndyingFish#2388

Hey, Simon here. I'm one of a good few Tech Officers for SLUGS, and I'm hoping to pass on the software development knowledge I've picked up over the last few years. I'm mostly responsible for the site you're looking at right now, too, so [check out my site](https://simon.fish) or [the repo](https://github.com/slugsoc/website) to get in touch if you'd like tips! I'll be away for most of the year, but I won't let it stop me from helping out! Chances are you'll catch me at a LAN sometime. Aside from all the formalities, I mostly play Nintendo games, so if you'd like to make a friend (and proceed to lose them to a cruel game of Mario Party), you know who to call!

Credible Threat™

Tech Officer

Dr House#4064 Credible Threat™

Currently a 2nd year undergraduate studying Chemical Engineering. My responsibilities as assistant tech primarily include assisting the senior techs in setting up and running the LAN, gaining knowledge about SLUGs specific stuff such as the gateway and website so that I can help maintain and upgrade them. You will find me playing a wide variety of games including FPS, RTS, sandbox, Star Wars games, etc.


Tech Officer

fudgecake34 Fudgecake34#5477 Fudgecake34#2508

Hi, I'm Becca! I'm currently a third year Computer Science with AI student. My favourite type of games are puzzle based games like Portal and Talos Principle. I'm always up for some TF2 though! As one of the tech roles I'll be mainly helping out at LANs, so hope to see you there!


Senior Tech Officer

"Chip" Gregregorovich#8603 Gregregorovich

Hey, I'm Greg. I'm one of the head techs, and am partly responsible for our servers and ensuring everyone has power and internet at LANs. I'm a Materials Engineer, and when I'm not designing plywood computers or 3D printer projects I'll be mostly playing Warframe, Rainbow Six Siege, Planetary Annihilation or SupCom 2. If you're having any network issues at LANs or having trouble connecting to one of our game servers, let me or one of the other tech team know.


Tech Officer

RaptureAwaits RaptureAwaits#7905 Rapture#2357

Hey, I'm Fred; one of four assistant techs in the SLUGSoc committee helping to make LANs run smoothly. At the time of writing, I'm a Mathematics student entering my second year at Sheffield with a love for group theory and a hatred of statistics. You can find me at LANs by looking for the tired man with glasses who hasn't stopped playing Destiny 2 since he arrived (or just find the chair with my SLUGS hoodie on the back).


Senior Tech Officer


Hi all! I'm the Head Tech for the society. I help to handle the LAN parties and the gaming servers. I'm currently a 4th year Mechanical Engineering student, and my Masters project is on omnidirectional dampers. I play a variety of games, but I have a particular love for Rhythm games like osu! and Guitar Hero.


Console Officer

Xayvahnya#1362 CaptainDucky CaptainDucky#8403

Hi, hi! I'm Ashlee, and I'm the Consoles Officer for SLUGS! I'm an MA Education student who has been playing video games since I was 2 (back when the NES was out and the original SMB. Yes, I'm old as dirt, or maybe a well-aged cheese...). I have an intense love for all arenas of gaming and love introducing others to new games. Also, if you have any suggestions/requests for co-op/party games for our Tuesday Socials, please let me know!


Food Officer


Hi, I'm Charlie! You'll usually catch me at the back of a LAN looking after the grub for everyone. I'm pretty approachable about anything, be it uni based or society based, so feel free to lemme know if you want a chat! I usually play card games and grand strategy games, with a little hack 'n' slash on the side.